Friday, July 13, 2007

Weekends fall

Didn't went out with mum today and infact, I went to catch a movie with my cousins.
Harry Potter wasn't up to my expectation!
Not in my recommendation list. Their English was so Chim..
Hence, I got quite bored as I don't really understand what they were saying.
So, I started munching all the stuffs! Bloody FULL!!!
Hotdog, Popcorns, Lays & M&M. Gosh, I bet it's an additional 1 more Kgs to my weight.

And, Transformer tomorrow!!! Pastamania again? I bet so, that's Debs favourite!
Okay, that's all. My eye lid is falling.

With the pressure of finishing Nine( 9, mind you!) hw in this weekend,
Sunday is the only day you'll see me mugging them!


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