Tuesday, July 10, 2007

itch itch teeths

Today's PE lesson was fun. Paired up with Deb again and we threw the ball from far away distance. I was sweating all over!
Then after school, Deb came over to my house for POA revision. I've got itch teeth nowadays & I'll start munching whatever food in my sight.
Gosh, I've been gaining weight. It can't help!

Half way through, WZ called say Ah Sng wants to see me & Deb for not handling in our thermometers. And we're totally lost coz we did hand in what!
Being a Guai Kia(always), we went back school to see him. And I was told to pin up my babi fringe. Well, what a kuku!
Fine, in the end we settled our thermometer matter but ended up helping him to check the class thermometer.
Kinda wasting my time but Deb say it was fun as she gets to 'por' Ms Ang & Ah Sng. -.-'''
I know that she loves sausage mouth to the max! LOLs.
Then, we went back to my place to study and gossiping(all crap).
We chatted more than we studied.

And the joy-est occasion for today is, I'm not having tuition today!


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