Tuesday, June 26, 2007

26 JUN

Just got recovered from short tongue and I'm back!
School was fun today as we got new Chem teacher. We had fun during his lesson, laughing and giggling all the while. Not to insult his English, he was quite good actually. Ohh, I mean i can understand what he is teaching or maybe this topic was simply just easy. Anyway, I don't know what crappy thingy will happen next lesson but I hope I can still understand him.
I'll try my very best not to laugh okay?
And ya, I've changed new partner, Dorothy Tan! Felicia has been changed to sitting right behind me. Unfortunately, Deb still remains.
Okay, Next!
P.E lesson was fun! Ms Goh, our new PE teacher. Yea, finally got to change one though Ms Pek wasn't really that bad, to me. We played Softball, i guess so but like baseball, just that we uses softer ball to throw.. ;DD
I paired up with Debs and had fun with it. We threw from far, not like the others. Went almost to the boys zone to throw, far right? LOLs. ;D;D
For the real game, it was physically & mentally tiring for me. I would have stand there after I've threw the ball. Luckily, I told myself repeatedly that I must remember to run! Ultimately, I did remember! ;D *level up* LOLs.
And I guess Debs must be flying after Ms Goh flattered her. However, my group won, thanks to XinYi for those nice catch.

Hair Check was kinda fast for my class, I guess that's why I love Mr Loi.

For some reason, few of the tags were deleted.
[no offence, okay!]

PeiYi: I Love You too.
azhar: Linked! WOOOOFF!! ;D
It's alright! Let's sing this again, on our next visit there!

Debs: Anything, your schedule are always tight. Love You!
(:xinyi: i help you change your smiley from ): to (: ! I
guess, you wanted to say cute.

I don't know when I might be able to post again! Just sit back & relax.


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