Monday, June 4, 2007


; 4 JUN

yea, changed a blogskins; cherry red my favourite! thanks my dear tudi; sihui who used this blogskins & i copied her! opps!! yea, i surfed the net the whole day. thanks WenHui too, for those codes! ;DD
photos were uploaded! i wrote some funny stuffs at the webby, something thick-skinned. guess you might know what is it already. & the codes for the link is kinda weird, there's problem with it. if anyone knows how to solve me, please tell me! thanks. thought lots of new blog url for tudi but she haven yet decide which to use. LOLs. yea, and 2ml, i will be out the whole day! going out with mum at 8plus in the morning till night falls! WEE!~ bugis? orchard? marinasq?
ohh yea, msn virus is here again! don't ever click the webby if your friend tells you if those were your pics. don't get tricked or you might just lag out!! ; that's just an advice, click it if you wanna try out! LOLs.
and i wan a SONY DSC-T100 digicam, a red coloured one!! anyone can get me 1? ;DDD

opps, i've not done a single hw today. i shall do it at night by 12midnight!
you know, i can't cheat on myself! there's lots of shows on monday!! busy busy schedule i have.
-CSS 2
-Desperate Housewife
-After Hours

okay okay, stop the crap and reply tags!!

reply taggies:
PeiYi: lols, i guess i won't get a chance to see. Ryan sees it first! opps.. ;P
xinyi: okays, sure! sms me, i won't be coming online later on.
Debs: sure, when you come online!!


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