Friday, May 25, 2007

24 MAY

; 24 MAY

x-country today. we stationed ourselves together with each other, debbie ,xueli and i. this year event is better than last year, i mean the station thingy. had a few problems today; no first-aid kit at the base & made mr desm ran the boys route which he wasn't suppose to. i was told to run back to school as mdm masreena was scolding me for this matter. who cares, it wasn't my fault wad. i took to my heels then luckily debbie n xueli got an idea, call mr mazri to bring it back! yea, then i went back and told mr mazri. and he called mr daniel to get a car to bring the PRECIOUS first-aid kit back. thanks, love you!
another thing is mr ang n mr sng ran to the boys route & so we thought that the rest of the male staff have to run to the boys route but they ignored us, only mr desm listened to us which made him go the wrong way. SORRY! and he ended up with no trophy. although he did say he didn't care for the trophy but i still felt very guilty though. he was kind enough for not blaming us yet praised us for the motivation we made to keep him on the track.
are we really a good motivator?
and i am also sure that he really stole the heart of all 3n1 student.

i will miss him! really, he is one of those who motivate me in my studies.
and i love his motivation! it really worked on me.
miss tay too, we will miss both of them!

we've never treasure the time together until there was no time left.
time will never turn back, face the fact!


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