Saturday, September 13, 2008



Sunday, June 15, 2008

First of all,

Happy Daddy's Day:D

My whole family went MIA yesterday, book a resort at Pulau Ubin last minute.
Dirty, small, smelly and what else? There's stains on the pillows and blankets.
Very uncomfortable, luckily it's just a one night stay!!
Overall, we cycled till the evening. Yes, i got tanned a little, ONLY a little):

Had dinner at the see-no-shadow restaurant as it is dark and we can't cycle to the jetty, so we had no choice but to eat at that yucky restaurant. When was looking around, I only saw a couple and nobody else. Guess what!! It's MR PHUA and his wife/gf.
Can't believe it.. so i did say Hi to him and he still remember me. Lol.

While on the way home, i asked dad what he'd like for dinner. When he said Chicken Rice, I thought that it would be an easy job man.
Nah, Sis and I went to buy a slaughtered chicken home and some other stuff.
GROSS! So we got mom to wash it, it's mom first time washing a whole chicken.
Later, sis and I did most of the job.

But when it's time to chop the chicken into parts, I push everything to my maid. LOL
I didn't even dare to look at it. It's a bloody chicken day. Throughout the whole process, I didn't lay my hands on the chicken, not even the skin okay. That's why I hate chicken wings.
And I told mom I'll give up on the ambition of being a chef.
Just stick back to pastry chef will do, don't have to touch those bloody chicken.

Okay, so everything taste nice. The rice is delicious, i must say. It's the first time we cook for dad, some more it's Hainanese Chicken Rice that mom didn't even cook before.

Lastly, we gave dad his present. Went he looked at it, he said..
"Oh, I love to wear this kind of thick sweater(should be hoodies), so you're gonna buy my tickets to some winter country so that I can wear it?".

-.- -.- -.- -.- -.-

Bye, gonna be really busy for the last week of holiday. Still idling.
Tomorrow, shopping? I guess.
Tuesday, Zoo trip(:
Wed to Fri, Motivation Camp.

I've not finished my homework yet. Damn.. So many things undone.
Zettai Kareshi 9, speed up man.. I can't wait.
My top fav Hayami Mocomichi again:/
Honestly, I only watch his show lah. Anyway,Yamapi also not bad(: