Friday, April 27, 2007

27 APR

AWWW!! ;

broke my promise as i've updated my blog b4 exam ends! wee~~ didnt study for almost a week! i love slacking!. today eng paper was quite okay except passage B! chicken macnugget man. after the 2 paper, we had phy remedial then me n debbie went BP to slack.. we had LJS for lunch then went shopping around browsing things.. bought nothing! joked around like insane ! the best part was the jj's nipple thingy! aww my nipple boy! his nipple = pimple! laughed like hell! shall show you guys the photo later although it wasnt clear enough! walked back home and reached home ard 3 or 4! got little desmond's photo! ke ai!
debbie still slacking at my house singing BEN LAI!



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