Thursday, April 19, 2007

19 APR


; 18 APRIL

went out of class at 12.35! we stayed for 5mins to listen the importance of SBQ! then XL n I went to change and we head down to the canteen for our lunch b4 the set off. i had fish burger w egg and seaweed chicken. was damn full.! and the best thing is 'MDM MASREENA FORGOT TO BOOK A BUS', shows that she is really forgetful! LOLs.. i've learned what's inference and evidence in SS now! *clap!* okay.. then the 25 of us took LRT to the Nursing Home. wow~~ isnt it the ZSS record? we broke two record for RC! yea.. the most forgetful maam; mdm mas and the 1st time a teacher brings everyone to the destination with LRT! wakakakas. yea.. will show evidence later; the PHOTOs. when we reached there, we followed the instruction, push the folks to the pharse.! and every1 was like on the female side, which i want too. after the puppet show, we were told to talk to them and i took 1 puppet and walked to the male side and played with them. i was working alone as many doesnt wants to go to the male side. see.. i was kind right? lols.. but luckily the angmoh volenteer there helped me! i was glad as i manage to do what i was instructed! most of them went back to their ward with a big smile! ;DDDDDDDDD

photos at PHOTO L O A Ds!

; 19 APRIL

reached school at 6.58am to take my chem test which i didnt take ytd. was so damn hard.. harder than ms tay's paper.. i rather take my previous result although it was awful; 16.5/25. AWWW!! had maths level test after sch.. the last question was so damn hard.. even when my sis saw what i wrote.. her first reaction is '???'! lols.. but she still manage to solve la.. i gave 'her' hint during the test.. and she did it right! i've always been helpful! but i didnt get everything correct.. i couldnt get the ans for the last part!! -minus marks! yea.. and i got 28.5/30 for POA 4th test; ledger & Trial Bal .. me and QiuJin shared the first position.


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