Monday, April 16, 2007

16 APR

; BOO!

heard Dorothy's tremendous ghost story during eng lesson while other groups were presenting. it was horrifying, really was! yes, i believe in Jesus. not only Jesus but also all other religious. i believe in Jesus as i've experience it ever since i got 1 flyers from orchard rd and i went back home and read it. the last sentence of it was something like: Jesus sacrificed his life to safe me ; thank-you lord! . yea.. after reading it in my heart, i really felt my heart numb.. like something went into it, i guess it really work so i believe it is Jesus who can felt my sincerity, maybe or perhaps! ohh yea.. its not on religious topic!
during recess, deb feli & I went down to DAPAO food. i DAPAOed fan choy and MR PHOON was staring at us all the way as we are walking with the food around. then we went back to class in other direction, when we reached 4th floor, i saw SNG walking out of his class checking for smuggling of food. i immediately told feli to hide her food as she was holding on her hands. we went towards the express class instead; going to their toilet to hide away from SNG. after SNG went back to his class, we then walk back to class with the food hidden. then, i received sms from pat, telling me not to bring food to class as SNG was checking. too late, but thank you aniway!
i didnt eat my food during recess.. so i ate some of my fan choy during chi lesson while mdm LEE was out for awhile! yumyum! ;DDDDDDDDDDDD

finished my food during chem remedial lesson. chat alot with ms TAY. me and XUELI chat with her bout her bf! xueli even said i was a FLIRT; loves FLIRTING guy.! HELLOOO~~! i was just trying to bring laughter to everyone as ppl seldom see girls FLIRTING guys. AND WHICH FLIRT WOULD HAVE SAY 'COME, I FLIRT YOU AR?' ! come on, i love being SPORTING. and msTAY said she was disappointed in me! ehhs.. nvm. btw, i was kind enough to ask about my dear cousin; ZHIYAN!. i can't believe that msTAY said tt she was well behave, attentive, hardworking & scored well for tests.! OMG.. i thought she was one of those who played in class. LOLs, sorry for mistaken you & keep up the good work dude! ;DDDDDDDDDDDDD

; i was disappointed in you..



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