Sunday, April 22, 2007

22 APR

; 21 APRIL

went town with family + ahma - jiejie! lols.! heed to heeren to buy slippers. on the way there, i saw a v nice bright yellow lamboghini car.. surprise surprise! its not ahpei who drove the car, its a handsome young man with a young lady! every1 was looking at them and they were like posing for us! they must hav a sharp nose! ohh yea.. back to topic! unfortunately, no gold trekkers slim! so i bought the cherry red coloured one! i love the color coz it is kinda striking! mummy oso bought 1 golded slippers.. ahma wanted to buy too.. but doesnt have her size! after tt we went to cine and i bought 2 stitch clothes. and meimei bought a hat which ahma choose..! ahma got great sense of fashion! LOLs. then we went BREEKS again. tried new dishes and had my cookies n cream milkshake again! yumyum! after tt we went shopping ard at taka & bought a gio brown tee. then walked until all the shop were closed. after tt we went for supper at redhill. had desserts for supper! aww... i've been gaining fats all this while.! plus one kg.

; 22 APRIL

sick of exams! sick of mugging! sick of sci! sick of pressure!
sick of everything!
nothing gets into my head even when i tried! giving up soon?
last day of blogging b4 exams! last day being online!
no more posting until exam ended! promise!



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