Friday, April 20, 2007

20 APR

; WEEE!!~

had 2.4 today! was tiring.. almost fainted.. serious ! i got an awful result ; 17.45. charis thought i was about to faint coz she saw me walking left and right.. unbalance! and i replied her back.. about to! so damn dizzy.. i really felt like fainting.! then went i reached school, i took a sip of water and went to hall after tt.. ms pek told me to take a plaster from office for sharizah.. so i went down with debbie. and i asked the ppl about my i/c too! yea.. i got my i/c but it looked awful as i have a round face in the pic! then i went back to hall to retake my standing board jump.. i've jumped 160! so happy!.. then i went ard to show off my i/c. LOLs.! after tt was recess.. sumui, charis, zhiying, debbie and i stayed in the hall playing piano! charis was our music teacher.. her mum taught her how to play.. she can play v nicely! aww.. freaking jealous!. after tt jeremy passed by us and we told him to play Canon In D. he can play the full version man! charis wanted to learn but jeremy was playing too fast.. how can she see?? lamer!.

plus plus! ms tay didnt come today so i did my hw and had some chitchat with jac and guys.. pat kept on asking ppl to solve his stupid IQ question.. not exactly IQ. was lame question.. 4 triangles.. lame!

i am not going to CCA Night later on.. buffet and certificate cant attract me dude!. i rather go out with mummy. i hardly can go out on fri and she wans me to go for tt CCA Night. ohh.. come on! this is not training.. so i don have to go!


long long ago!


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