Thursday, July 26, 2007

So what happened?

My mind is in a swirl nowadays whenever I saw her.
She kept avoiding me or change the subject whenever I mentioned this sensitive(?) issue to her.
What's wrong with her? Or is it me?
Did I trust the wrong person? I hope not!!

Is it the fact that this issue strained our friendship?
Okay, I shall change the subject but I really hope that she can be a bit auto sometimes.

I'm seriously broke! I need to spent 60bucks on MLB's album.
1 for Me, myself. 1 for Gly, my cousin. & 1 for XinYi, as the present I owe her last year.
After the auto-session, we'll be going to dine at Ichiban Sushi.
I guess so.. I'm damn damn damn broke!

Test tomorrow, I don't feel like studying!
Can I?


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