Thursday, February 21, 2008

lonely bus A*ffair

Forgive Edison.
When can human being learn the word, 'forgiving'?!
Try see things from the point of view of E.
What if it were you? How would you feel?
*No offence

I thought I was almost late for appointment so I chase the bus:/
Lucky me, something dumb happened on the bus, I can't believe I was soooo dumb! Really funny!

I alighted at Tangs and walked to cine then heeren to get the NUM slippers for friend's birthday but too bad, no size! Anyway, those hunks from cine are super friendly unlike those lazy bums at heeren flipflop. The one from cine who served me even knows what I'm finding for and for who. Ahahhhhh, happy handsome dude.

Okay whatever, I walked to parkmall in the last 15mins.
Yeahyeahyeah, just on time(:
I'm done with it within 3 mins after putting the seperators(?). Dentist even praised that I'm doing a good job to keep my teeth clean but actually, I didn't. SCAM!
Then dad called and say he can't fetch me back as he is with his friends and asked me to cab home instead ):
How nice daughter I am to help save the cab fare?! I am! I am!

I then decided to take a bus home as it's just 5+ but was kinda lost so I called friends for help.
Thanks, Xinyi lahhhhh! Saw that, xinyi?! Mhahaha

I reached home around 7plus and almost die from dehydration.

Tata, end of my lonely story
to be continued on saturday(:

I've not been doing online shopping for the past one month or so!
Finally, D&G's sales are damn hot! I can't resist:/


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