Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sup yo!

Sup Sup Yo!!

Thanks people once more for all the grats(:
Even friends from the other class knows about it even before the last bell for the year rang. And they came rushing to my way to congrats me. Xie Xie!!

Was glad to see tudi, Lettice & my bf, Gurjeet 's result.
They made sososo much improvement!!
I'm so happy for them ;D;D
However, I was still kinda upset though I topped the level cause I deproved in all subject except for science. Can you imagine??
Percentage dropped by 2 straight digit!
78.4% now, KUKU man :B

After that, took cab to Orchard with Mom & Sis. I ate a whole plate of pasta & 3 slices of pizza && garlic bread &&& upsized drinks. I know I'm a great eater.
Shopped around but ended only buying a tee & some lame stuff from Muji.

We then went galleria & mom got hooked up by Burberry's bag & wallet. Dad is paying for the bag while her 3 filial daughter is paying for the wallet as her belated birthday present.
There, I see my $200 pocket money flying off to nowhere yet I see smile on mom's face. (Hey, I thought I should be the one getting rewards?!)
Overall it's still affordable as it cost only $1230.
Japanese are kinda hot over there(:
Eh, I went Taka and saw a few hunks down there. I almost fainted as one of them grins at me.(like real)

French dinner at YC with Dad but I ended up eating pizza & tiramisu.
Actually, the main reason is that I don't quite understand the menu(:
We went tuas as it's still early!

xoxo, sup yo!


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