Saturday, May 10, 2008


Happy Birthday, Saiful!
I bet whole class had a fun time watching cake fight.
And whip cream on Saiful and XueYao's face.

End up, the whole class was full of choc and cream:/ Gross.

After school, met up with 2n2'06 gang to Cathay for movie. What happen in vegas(:
Nice and funny. We had a fun time cam-whoring after that. And we went to LJS for dinner. Thankyou, XinYi(:
I did something foolish to Gurjeet and he accidentally spill the coke in his hand.
Damn, i felt a little guilty. Ended up, almost everyone had coke in their shoes.
Please stop saying about my limited edition soccer boots, that's a pump and it can't even get into contact with water la.. if not the skin of the pump will peel off.
So, how can it be a soccer boots you tell me :D:D:D

Had out last group-photo and went separate ways):
Deb, Asri and I trained to Vivo together.
Bye to asri while me and debs went to look for mom, sis and E.

All of us slacked at starbucks for an hour or so, all having the same drinks.
Again, E spill her drinks, my pumps had two wash-up today. zzz
Nevermind, the skin of my pump is peeling off rapidly:/ Sad.

Lastly, went TANGS to get something for Granny. And someone crapped a lot.
Overall, had a fun time there. Home sweet home.

I'm broke now. Don't ask me out.
Going swimming later at RSYC. Please, give me a bright bright sun.


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